1st Stage

The nursery produces and sells over 250,000 individual plants a year across 800 varieties and colours. When our plants are ready for sale, the process of producing them has typically started over a year before.

We start with selecting the right plant varieties to grow that perform well in the garden. We do this through visiting plant trials throughout the year in the UK and Europe and then trial them on our nursery prior to producing them in commercial volumes. We source plant material from 6 suppliers in Holland and the UK which in turn use varieties bred from dozens of different plant breeders.

2nd Stage

Once the best varieties have been chosen and trialled, they arrive on our nursery. Most plants arrive as seedlings or rooted cuttings. Many cuttings are produced in Africa where high light levels and warm temperatures produce excellent cuttings which are then rooted when they arrive in Europe. The remainder arrive on our nursery as seed, where we germinate them in our propagation unit.

3rd Stage

After standing on the nursery for a week to acclimatise, the young plants head to our potting shed where they are potted using our potting machine. Two people operating our potting machine can pot over 1000 plants an hour.

4th Stage

From the potting shed, they head to our greenhouses where they are set out and receive their first watering. From here they are monitored daily where they are watered, fertilised, spaced and pinched as required to produce the finished product.

5th Stage

Finally, they are loaded onto trolleys as orders are received and sent out from the nursery, where they are merchandised and presented for sale.