• Position Full Sun, Part Sun
  • Variety Blue
  • Colour Blue
  • Hardiness Hardy (-5)
  • Soil Type Light Sandy, Normal
  • Height 40-50cm
  • Flowering Period May-Sep

Campanula Takion Blue 2L



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Available from April/May 2021.

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Campanula produce beautiful drifts of blue or white flowers in mid summer- they complement roses in a garden as they flower at similar times and have a delicate elegance in the garden. The F1 Takion is compact, and produces lots of flowers throughout summer.

Plant care:
Dig in plenty of compost or well rotted manure at planting and incorporate a granular fertiliser at planting. Feed regularly through the growing season with a liquid feed. Cut off flowering stems when they have finished flowering but leave the foliage over the winter to give the plant protection from winter conditions.