• Position Full Sun, Part Sun
  • Variety F1 Arabesque Pink
  • Colour Pink
  • Hardiness Hardy (-5)
  • Soil Type Chalky, Light Sandy, Normal
  • Height 50-60cm
  • Flowering Period June- Sept

Penstemon Arabesque Pink 3L

F1 Arabesque Pink


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Penstemons produce many trumpet like flowers clumpted together up the flowering stem, producing clumps of colour throughout the summer months. The arabesque series is known for its uniform and compact nature and early large flowers. Can be grown in borders or in pots.

Plant care:
Add a granular fertiliser to the soil at planting, along with plenty of organic matter. Water with a liquid feed every fortnight during the growing season. Cut the flowering heads off once flowered at the end of the autumn but leave the foliage intact until the following spring, this will help protect the plant through the winter.