• Position Full Sun, Part Sun
  • Variety White
  • Colour White
  • Hardiness Fully Hardy (-10)
  • Soil Type Chalky, Light Sandy, Normal
  • Height 50cm
  • Flowering Period June- August
  • Pot Size 1 Litre (13cm) x1 | 1 Litre (13cm) x3 | 3 Litre (19cm) x1

Achillea New Vintage White - in a 3 Litre



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Beautiful bold colours appear in mid Spring- summer on flat flowerheads. Would suit a herbaceous border as this plant produces a neat clump each summer on fresh growth each year.

Plant care:
Achilleas prefer well drained soil, particularly in winter, add plenty of organic matter when planting and use a granular fertiliser at planting followed by liquid feed through the growing season. This perennial dies back in the winter so it can be tidied up and cut back to ground level in winter.