• Position Full Sun
  • Variety Buenos Aires
  • Colour Purple
  • Hardiness Fully Hardy (-10)
  • Soil Type Chalky, Heavy Clay, Light Sandy, Normal
  • Height 90-120cm
  • Flowering Period Jun- Oct
  • Pot Size 1 Litre (13cm) x1 | 1 Litre (13cm) x3 | 3 Litre (19cm) x1

Verbena Bonariensis Buenos Aires - 1 Litre (13cm) or 3 Litre (19cm)

Buenos Aires


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Verbenas are a must have in large borders, they are unique due to the way they grow through the other plants and make magnificent clumps as they position they flowers high up on stems for all to see. Drought tolerant, they have a very long flowering season with repeat flowering all the way through the summer into autumn.

Buenos Aires is a tall cultuivar ideal for the back of borders.

Plant care:
Verbenas benefit from a granular fertiliser mixed into the soil at planting, along with plenty of compost or well rotted manure. Feed with liquid feed every 2 weeks during the growing season. Leave the plants to die back naturally into the winter to give the best change of the plants self seeding. Shake the plants and cut back foliage to within 20-30cm of the ground in early spring.