Garden pots are a great addition to every garden with a huge range of styles to match your garden design. Our ranges start from £2, we have something for every situation and every price point. Our range covers the following styles and types;

Contemporary – These pots really set off a modern garden design. Designs range from oriental designs through to black square pots that are great planted with a specimen plant.


Terracotta – these pots work in every garden situation, natural terracotta continues to be very popular due to its universal application and offers great value.


Country Garden – This range of pots is the most popular we sell, the pots look great in the gardens of the cottages and rural properties that are located in the area around our nursery.


Glazed – Glazed pots add a wider range of colours to garden pots, they also can be cleaned more effectively due to their smooth finish. Our range of Glazed pot colours include cream, olive, blues, black and green.


Fibre-light – This type of pot is very durable and comes in dark grey, terracotta and deep green colours. Choose fibre light when looking for larger square pots or rectangular window boxes.


We hold a wide range of pots on site at the nursery throughout the year, however if you are looking for a specific design and something we don’t have in stock please speak to us as we may be able to get hold of what you are looking for through our network of suppliers.