Hardy Geraniums are reliable, long-flowering, easy-to-grow plants. A popular perennial, which often flowers for many months, and are ideal planted over a garden wall or at the front of a sunny border.

Below are some useful answers to some commonly asked questions about Hardy Geraniums.

When to plant Hardy Geraniums:

A good time to plant Hardy Geraniums is from Autumn until late Winter. This gives the plant plenty of time to get established in it’s first summer in the garden.

When to cut back Hardy Geraniums:

Hardy Geraniums can be cut back to near ground level after flowering to encourage fresh foliage and late summer flowering. They can be cut back again in late Autumn or Spring.

When to divide Hardy Geraniums:

Hardy Geraniums spread and develop into big clumps over time. These can be divided by cutting them into halves or quarters with a sharp spade. This can be done in late Autumn or into Spring when they start their fresh growth.

When do Hardy Geraniums flower?

Hardy Geraniums are long-flowering plants, many varieties will flower from mid-summer until the first frosts.

When to plant Hardy Geranium seeds:

Seeds can be sown in Autumn or Spring, with the main flush of germination expected in late Spring.

When to move Hardy Geraniums:

It’s best to move Hardy Geraniums in the Spring or Autumn.

When to buy Hardy Geraniums:

It is best to buy Hardy Geraniums from late Spring right through until the Autumn.

When to feed Hardy Geraniums:

A solid base fertiliser should be used at planting, followed by a liquid fertiliser through the growing season applied every few weeks.

What is a Hardy Geranium used for?

Hardy Geraniums are often used as vigorous ground cover, and are ideal at the front of a border or coverage over a garden wall.

What soil do Hardy Geraniums like?

Hardy Geraniums will grow well in moist, well drained soil with plenty of organic matter, such as compost or well rotted manure incorporated into it.

What colours do Hardy Geraniums come in?

Hardy Geranium flowers come in shades of white, pink, magenta, purple and blue.

What fertilizer is best for Hardy Geraniums?

Hardy Geraniums should be planted with an all purpose liquid fertiliser.

What position do Hardy Geraniums like to grow in?

Most Hardy Geraniums thrive in light shade.

Why is my Hardy Geranium not flowering?

A Hardy Geranium may not flower because of damp soil, too much shade, cold temperatures or a high nitrogen fertilizer.

Why is my Hardy Geranium dying?

The most common cause of a Hardy Geranium dying is overwatering or a problem with the compost.

Will Hardy Geraniums be attacked by slugs?

Hardy Geraniums are generally not targeted by slugs.

How long will Hardy Geraniums last?

A well cared for Hardy Geranium could live for many decades.

Can you take Hardy Geranium cuttings?

Yes, gather one or more 2 to 4 inch-long cuttings from the tip of healthy geranium stems. April is the perfect time to take geranium cuttings.

Will rabbits eat Hardy Geraniums?

Rabbits tend to leave well established Hardy Geraniums alone.

Will deer eat Hardy Geraniums?

The taste of Hardy Geraniums are not pleasant to deer so will leave them alone.

Can you grow Hardy Geraniums in pots?

Yes, Hardy Geraniums can be grown in pots. Ensure the pot is big enough to keep the plant moist in warm weather.

Is a Hardy Geranium evergreen?

No, Hardy Geraniums will die back in the winter.

Are Hardy Geraniums poisonous to humans?

Hardy Geraniums have no toxic effects reported on humans.

Are Hardy Geraniums perennial or annual?

A Hardy Geranium is a herbaceous perennial that dies back in the winter.

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