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Got some questions about Paeonia?

If so, we’ve pulled together all the information you could possibly need to help you make your mind up to create this one-stop comprehensive guide:

When and where should I plant Paeonia?

The best time to plant Paeonia is in February- April from rooted perennials that are just beginning to shoot. That way they will have a full growing season ahead of them and get firmly established before next winter. Paeonia are best positioned in full sun or part shade, in moist fertile soil. Most Paeonia will get bigger each year, producing more foliage and flowers as the plant becomes established. It’s worth making sure you find a spot that is large enough for the variety you are planting, typically allow 1 meter square.

What colours can Paeonia come in?

Paeonia come in a range of colours from White through Pink to Red. They also come in double and single flower forms.

What does the Paeonia flower represent?

The flower symbolises happiness, romance and happy marriage and is often a part of bridal bouquets in the months of May and June.

Is Paeonia evergreen or perennial?

Paeonia is a herbaceous perennial. This means it will produce new foliage each season, which dies back in the winter, in order to produce new foliage the following year.

Can you grow Paeonia in pots?

It is possible to grow Paeonia in pots, however they are best suited to the border in gardens to allow them to get all the moisture and nutrients they need from the ground. The ground also protects them in winter from cold temperatures whereas in pots roots are more exposed to the cold temperatures.

What soil and fertilizer do Paeonia like?

Paeonia like fertile, moisture retentive soils, feed Paeonia plants when they start growing in the spring, avoid too much nitrogen in the fertiliser as it will encourage more leafy growth as opposed to flower production.

When does Paeonia flower?

Paeonia flower in a relatively small window between May and June. Varieties differ slightly as to their flowering window so planting a range of varieties will extend the length of time you get to enjoy Paeonies in flower in the garden.

When should I divide, cut back or move my Paeonia?

For dividing and moving Paeonia it is best to do this in late autumn, ensuring that you take all the roots out when lifting the plant to give it the best possible chance to re-establish itself in its new home.

For cutting back the Paeonia, leave the foliage to die back naturally and begin to cut the stems back in autumn.

What should I feed my Paeonia?

To ensure the growth of a healthy flower from the start, use a solid base fertilizer when planting the Paeonia.

Going forward, use a liquid fertiliser every two to three weeks of the growing season, one suitable for fruit and veg will ensure the fertiliser goes to promote flowering rather than just the foliage.

How long will Paeonia last?

Being long-lived perennials, when planted in the garden Paeonia can last for many years.

Flower cuttings are also fairly long-lived, lasting over two weeks when in a vase.

Do cats/dogs/rabbits/deer eat Paeonia?

Generally speaking Paeonia are not eaten by cats/ dogs/ rabbits or deer. This could be because of their intense flavour.

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