Each year we trials lots of new varieties from all the top breeders to try and improve our selection each year. We assess these for performance in our greenhouses as well as in the garden. Look out for some of the following varieties in our range this year- please note the volumes are quite small as they are trials but they will be put on sale with our wholesale customers as well as our plant centre and markets.

Here is a selection of our new product trials this year;

  • Calla Lilies- 4 new varieties- this is very new for us but we think they’ll be a big hit in the future.
  • Petunia Orange punch- an exciting new colour in Petunia.
  • Petunia Night Sky- an interesting dark blue colour with white speckling – truly unique!
  • Senetti Baby Blue- this new compact senetti is looking excellent and a lovely vivid blue colour.
  • Nemesia- several new varieties on trial this year with some unique pinks and lilac colours.

Those promising new varieties will make it into next years catalogue, in the mean time look our for them in the coming weeks!

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Rob looks after the trade sales, planning and finance of the business, ensuring it continues to improve and satisfy our many customers. Prior to joining the family business, Rob sourced plants and flowers for a major UK retailer, regularly travelling to over 20 countries throughout the world to find the best producers in a range of plant and flower species.

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