We’re delighted that our new extended plant centre is almost complete- over this winter we’ve been very busy adding a new building to the site. The new building houses a garden shop with lots of gardening essentials as well as some interesting products that are finishing touches to the garden- after all we think the garden is there to create interest, enjoyment and a place to relax. Look out for our garden mirrors- great for a bare wall or fence to add a sense of depth to a garden or to create a focal point. We’ve also got some fun garden art- metal birds and insects that could go in the border and create some fun and talking points in the garden. I love walking round gardens and finding interesting discoveries- we think these products tick that box!

The plant centre is also filling up fast with our plants from the nursery- we’re probably a week or two behind due to the cold in march but crops are looking well and we have lots of stock coming through!

We’ve also dedicated more space to garden pots and so have hundreds of garden pots around this year- hopefully a style for everyone!

We wish you a relaxing, fruitful and enjoyable gardening season!


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Rob looks after the trade sales, planning and finance of the business, ensuring it continues to improve and satisfy our many customers. Prior to joining the family business, Rob sourced plants and flowers for a major UK retailer, regularly travelling to over 20 countries throughout the world to find the best producers in a range of plant and flower species.

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