It is an uncertain time for many across the world as we try and make sense of the impact that Covid-19 is having on us all.

As a business we are trying to do everything we can to reduce the chance of infection in our plant centre, for example, regular cleaning of our surface areas.

We are also working to increase the range of our online business.

If you are not online you can ring up and place an order and pay over the phone (please tell those who are not online and therefore cannot read this!)

For those self isolating we can ensure deliveries are left at the door.

Gardening is an amazing tonic, essential for maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind.

We are here to talk if you need us! Please give the plant centre a ring if you are self isolating and would like to hear a friendly voice.

Many thanks,

Rob and the team


About the author

Rob looks after the trade sales, planning and finance of the business, ensuring it continues to improve and satisfy our many customers. Prior to joining the family business, Rob sourced plants and flowers for a major UK retailer, regularly travelling to over 20 countries throughout the world to find the best producers in a range of plant and flower species.

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