The weather is mild and the daffodils are flowering, it’s been an exceptionally mild winter to date. We’ve never sold Tete–Tete daffodils in flower in January in our history! It’s a challenging winter with excessively wet, mild weather.

While we are thankful we haven’t been flooded we are bracing ourselves for an increase in pest presence in the garden in 2016. I’m writing this on the 2nd Feb, and it’s a sunny day, we haven’t seen long periods of blue sky like this since what feels like last summer!

Who knows what the weather has in store for us in 2016 but I would be very surprised if we have above average rainfall in the next few months- which should help us all get out into the garden. Maybe you have some plans for the garden in 2016?

I’m planning some vegetable and fruit raised beds this year, while the patio will have to wait for another year! What’s your plan for the garden in 2016?

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Rob looks after the trade sales, planning and finance of the business, ensuring it continues to improve and satisfy our many customers. Prior to joining the family business, Rob sourced plants and flowers for a major UK retailer, regularly travelling to over 20 countries throughout the world to find the best producers in a range of plant and flower species.

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